Movers & Shakers Summit


Bringing together startup ecosystem builders from around the world

3 July 2018, Cologne

Gathering of the movers & shakers behind startup ecosystems – Community builders from across the world under one roof

Invitation-only gathering

With we have been building startup ecosystems and communities for 8+ years. Our main driver is passion for startups and entrepreneurship. We know that there are many others out there feeling the same way and doing very similar things. We’d love to connect and share to build a network of networks.


With Startup SAFARI we are already actively building a global network of local startup ecosystems and open up the world of true entrepreneurship to the world. 


So our idea with the Movers & Shakers Summit is simple: Bring likeminded community builders together and create an environment for fruitful exchange, lively discussions, massive learning and valuable networking. If you are a key player in your Startup Ecosystem or want to recommend someone who is and who should participate, connect to

Agenda: Results matter

The idea is to connect and learn from each other. Therefore, we’ll focus on P2P sessions in three different focus groups: SAFARI Chapter Leads, Ecosystem builders and Event Organizers. 

From a content perspective we will focus on best practices, failure and success stories and lessons learned.

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Attendees from around the world

We strive to bring in a diverse crowd representing various cities from a around the world.

At the first Movers & Shakers  Summit in 2017 we brought together 50 handpicked participants from over 20 cities and 15 nations. This years summit aims to be at least the same size if not bigger. Keeping our promise of quality we want to move the needle even further.

We’ll have community builders from Lebanon, Netherlands, Australia, France, Greece, Poland, Germany, India, Palestine, Latvia, Montenegro, Denmark … and more.

Movers & Shakers Summit

“I had the chance to be a participant of the very first “Movers and Shakers Summit” in Cologne 2017. For me it was one of the best events I ever attended as it allowed me to really connect and interact with people with a similar background. With its focus on quality over quantity it allowed for conversations that went far beyond the normal conference Small Talk. The workshop sessions touched topics deeply relevant to the participants which led to great discussions during and after the event.”

Sara Usinger
Entrepreneur in Residence SwissContact

Movers & Shakers Summit
Movers & Shakers Summit

“It’s amazing to see what can happen if you bring together the right people at the right time at the same location. Sure it won’t be the last time I attended this event”

Benjamin Costantini
Startup Sesame

Movers & Shakers Summit
Movers & Shakers Summit

“The Ecosystem Summit was a great opportunity for me to interact with other community representatives from across Europe who I have never met before. I am always aware that we all have to deal or fight with many similar topics and we can support each other a lot. With experience and good tips, but above all with contacts and when it comes to marketing events etc.”

Kathleen Fritzsche
Zoi GmbH

Movers & Shakers Summit

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