Do you’ve ever heard of Apple or Microsoft? Small companies, not more than just some motivated guys with an idea and a garage to try it out. Challenging the status quo and creating innovating enterprises this way which disrupted established business models. What Apple or Microsoft were back in the days are thousands of young startups by now. Working in garages, living-rooms or co-working spaces around the world on the next “big thing”.
Making these startups visible to a broader audience and getting them the exposure they deserve is what keeps us working day by day. We want to deliver a platform to unite local ecosystems builders to help them growing their startup ecosystems.
Our story begins in 2011 in Cologne, Germany with a startup-conference called PIRATE Summit that brings together innovative mavericks with investors and business partners to grow their companies year by year. Out of this basis we decided to launch Startup SAFARI to give startups their needed stage directly in their own cities around the world.
Pirate Summit 2018 04 July 2018 Image copyright Dan Taylor 238


Meanwhile Startup SAFARI is an independent company with a team of seven people. Two developer and five people who sit at the HQ in Cologne and still work very closely with Pirate.
Startup SAFARI is unique in a way that it not only looks at an individual startup ecosystem but connects local ecosystems in a global network. It is our approach how to make innovative ideas, creative entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems globally visible. By building a global community of local ecosystem builders we create a platform that offers services in the areas of Capital, Deals, Education & Recruiting.


We create products and services, which we implement with the help of our chapter leads in every city. And you can be a part of the shaping process of your startup ecosystem.
Deep dive into your local startup ecosystem during one of our SAFARI open-door events – our core product. Search the SAFARI Startup Directory to find the startup you are looking for or meet the founders personally during a Guided SAFARI Tour. Find a motivating startup job on our SAFARI Joblist or simply check out our SAFARI City Guides to get the best possible insights about startup cities around the globe.
Do you want to shape your startup ecosystem of tomorrow? You can be part of this journey!
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