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An Evergrowing Network

This year alone, the reach of Startup SAFARI has more than tripled to startup ecosystems all around the globe. On this growth journey, we are glad to have a range of trusted partners with us who help us grow – and who, more importantly, grow with us. We want to thank all our long-standing partners for their great support – you guys rock! And in case you want to join this vibrant global network, please contact Ben at

Worldwide Partnerships

With Startup SAFARI, we reach dozens of Chapter Leadsseveral hundred startups and tens of thousands of participants all around the globe each and every year. And although each startup ecosystem has its unique characteristics, many of them have similar needs and wants. We aim to fulfill these with strong partnerships – truly global ties that bring our partners together with our Chapter Leads, startups and participants on a worldwide level.

Mutual Benefits and Shared Growth

From years of experience in startup ecosystem building, we know that sustainable partnerships need a strong foundation of mutual benefits and shared growth. As a trusted Startup SAFARI Partner, you can profit from our


  • Global Network In the last months, we have been talking to ecosystem builders and shapers in 100+ cities on all continents. And in the next months, this is where we are taking Startup SAFARI – global! While adding exciting ecosystems from all parts of the globe to our map each week, we rely on our partners to leverage the international reach they can achieve through Startup SAFARI.
  • Accelerated Growth To reach our ambitious expansion goals, we are passionate about empowering Startup SAFARI to achieve the enormous growth it deserves. On average, we confirm one to two new city chapters equalling a four-digit number of participants each five days. And for the next year, we project this movement to accelerate even further!
  • Impactful Branding With our worldwide events and global and local marketing activities, we reach tens of thousands of startup enthusiasts – united by their passion for entrepreneurship and actively shaping their ecosystems. As a global partner on our mission of empowering these movers and shakers to open up the world of entrepreneurship, you get direct access to this uniquely impactful network of decision makers.

Sounds interesting? Let’s see how we can get you involved in our evergrowing network!

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Ben Peckruhn

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