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Category : Connecting

Guided Startup SAFARI

Guided Startup SAFARI is your private tour through Startup ecosystems. Aligned on your needs and industry, together with startup experts, you visit startups at their offices to build meaningful connections and create the foundation for future partnerships.

Networking Events

To build connections we want to create a unique and individual platform. To assure that we create networking events that are everything but ordinary. Starting with startup curation all the way to event operations we create a one-stop solution that’s beneficial for startups and corporations alike

Company Events

Together with our Event Agency PIRATEx we build amazing events all the way from small meetups to 1000+ Events.

Reference events:
PIRATE Summit – Early Stage  Startup Event (1000 attendees)
Exec Fintech/Insurtech – Industry Events (700 attendees each)
Links: &
Jeck ‘n Tech  – AI Carnival Event (150 attendees)

Startup Scouting & Industry Radars

If you need a one-time insight into what startups are active in your industry or if you need regular updates to not miss any trends or changes. We create dashboards along the information you need and help to keep everything on the radar.

Category : Educating

Design Thinking & Startup Methodology Workshops

A key advantage of startups is their speed and agility. Together we will elaborate on how startups create creative/agile work environments and how to adapt them to mature businesses.

Train the Trainer Seminars

Lasting change needs people to promote it. With our Train The Trainer Concept we enable employees to not only understand startup concepts and methodologies but also to train colleagues to spread the startup mindset across the whole company.

Example Methods:


  • Jobs-to-be-done Framework
  • Empathy Mapping, Personas
  • Customer Journey, Prototyping
  • Customer Experiments/- Validation
  • Value Proposition Canvas

Topic Workshops

Startup, Scaleup, Exit – The Startup Lifecycle

Startups grow (or die) fast. Thus they must constantly adapt. In this workshop, we will elaborate on the characteristics and needs of startups as they grow from MVP to IPO.

Startup/Corporate Partnerships done right

The partnership between startups and corporates can bring many benefits. We will elaborate on success factors and stumbling blocks in such relationships and how to make them work.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the most talked yet least understood topics. We will help you navigate the main terminology, the current state and how to evaluate if and how to use it for your business.

Intrapreneurship, Incubator, Accelerator or VC?

To grow in this constantly changing environment means to innovate. We elaborate on how corporates innovate successfully, what the pitfalls are and which setup is right for you.

Individual workshop topic

We know the startup world by heart. If there is a startup related topic you want to discuss in a workshop setting we will either create it for you or we will find the right person that can.

The One Day Startup Challenge

Talking about the way startups work is one thing. Experiencing it is another. In the One Day Startup Challenge, we confront attendees with a creative task that needs business skills, creativity, and improvising to be solved.

Category : Supporting

3-month Boost Program

In this intense three month program, we support companies all the way from empathizing with existing and future customers to the implementation of a new product.

Digital Strategy Development

With great experience in digital business model analysis and process design, we evaluate the current company strategy and help Top Management in reimagining their way forward with a digital and startup-like mindset

Building Digital Culture & Skills

The transformation of an organization also needs a transformation of mindset. By demystifying digitalization and showcasing benefits together with real-life application scenarios, we help companies to build a digital culture that fits to them.

C- Level 1on1 Mentoring

We offer a online and offline mentoring for C-Level Management of companies. Regular 1on1 meetings, on-demand consulting and ad hoc evaluation of concepts allow quick decision making and a consistent execution of a company’s digital strategy.

Corporate/Startup Partnership Support

To get everything out of a partnership between startups and corporations we take over the role of an unbiased mediator. We support both signs with aligning their goals, managing their expectations, adapting existing processes and bridging different cultures.

Interim Management

In special cases where a digital and startup culture needs to be built from the ground up, we offer to set up a team of skilled professionals that help with the general set up of new digital units, accelerators or corporate innovation programs.