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SAFARI Bootcamp

With Startup SAFARI Bootcamp we help companies to understand and implement an entrepreneurial culture, mindset and the right set of tools.

Choose from the elements below and create your own individual Startup SAFARI Bootcamp. Wether you would like to spend an afternoon getting to know startups or if you want to spend three days with intensive workshops and fun activities – we’ll give you the best possible experience

Guided Startup SAFARI
Startup SAFARI Xtreme
Design Sprint

*Bootcamp services are currently only available in selected SAFARI cities. Availability of certain products may vary.

Discover startups
and trends

We give you a behind the scenes look into startup ecosystems and help to scout the right startups, the next trends and innovations for you.

Accelerate your pace of innovation

We help your employees to apply startup tools and practices to solve your business challenges. We mentor them today, so they can do it themselves tomorrow.

Learn how
startups innovate

Startups are known for their disruptive innovations and fast execution. We teach your employees how startups work and what methods they use to constantly innovate at a rapid pace.

Guided Startup SAFARI

  • Guided Startup SAFARI is your fast track to the relevant startups of your industry. We take the decision makers and innovators of a company on a tour through the startup ecosystem.

  • SAFARI is not a visit at the zoo. That’s why we always start with asking: Why do you want to meet the startups of your industry and why should they open up their doors for you?

    Once we figured out what you can bring to the table we build an individual tour with startups you want to meet and that want to meet you. Together with a startup expert you will start your trip of interesting insights, discussions and networking.

    • Visit three or more startups from a certain industry at their offices
    • Meet startup founders and pick their brain
    • Gain insights about startup products, culture and processes

“Innovation Is Key” – NOTE

  • Markets and industries are changing at an ever faster speed. Increasing uncertainty makes innovative approaches to the way we conduct business more and more important. With our Innovation keynotes and expert sessions we share valuable insights about approaches around how startups think, act and improve. We tackle real world business issues and bring the startup mindset into mature organisations.

  • Either choose from a set of keynote topics like:

    • Startup, Scaleup, Exit – The Startup Lifecycle
    • Startup/Corporate Partnerships done right
    • Intrapreneurship, Incubator, Accelerator or VC?

    or let us build an individual keynote together with you!

    • Get authentic insights from real entrepreneurs
    • Learn about startup mindset and methodology
    • Get tangible take-aways that help to cope with future challenges

Startup SAFARI Xtreme

  • As you probably know from our events, we believe that only through fun and exciting activities, networking can lead to meaningful connections. And trust us, you will never forget the Fintech enthusiasts you tandem-jumped off a plane with, the IoT engineers you crushed in an intense match of soccer or the eHealth founders that motivated you all the way through our SWAT training – get ready for the most sweat- and contacts-inducing round of networking of your life. Startup SAFARI Xtreme is a day-long spectacular action challenge. You learn how to overcome challenges and fears together with your team and how you can implement your learnings in your daily business.

  • First, we take you on a life time experience action trip. You can choose between

    • Team Mission Rafting
    • Team Mission Parcour
    • SWAT Training
    • Team Mission Survival Training
    • Team Mission Lasertag
    • Team mission Paintball
    • get to know startup founders in a completely new way
    • learn about new work strategies with a practical approach
    • meet startup founders and pick their brain
    • gain insights about startup products, culture and processes
    • have a lot of fun with your team mates

Innovation Sprint

  • A Innovation Sprint is our way to answer critical business questions through Design Thinking methods. It’s our goal to bring ideas to life and go from thinking into doing as fast as possible.

  • Starting with defining the long time goal that you want to achieve we go from ideation state – where we come up with new, innovative and out-of-the-box product ideas – all the way to testable prototypes which can be those indicators to build future products on.

    • Flexible workshop structure from 1 to 5 days
    • Out of the box approach for real business problems
    • Applicable results

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  • "Thanks to Startup SAFARI I was able to meet several innovative startups and topics structured well to fit in just one day. We are very pleased to bump into MyDaylivery and subsequently came to an agreement. We are looking forward to come to next year's Startup SAFARI again!"

    Startup SAFARI Bootcamp
    Robert Janke
    Sonderbeauftragter Digitalisierung
    R+V Versicherung / KRAVAG Insurance Company
  • "The Startup SAFARI helped us to connect with proper business partners during our session. It took less then three weeks to sign an agreement with one of Germany's biggest insurance companies in the field of logistics. What seemed to be impossible turned out really fast!"

    Startup SAFARI Bootcamp
    Arndt Solms
    Co-founder and CEO
  • “Reaching potential customers and strategic partners is always important when you are a fast-scaling FinTech-company. We are happy that the organizers kept their promise and got us in touch with corporates that are both, a good fit, as well as interested in a collaboration”

    Dr. Frank Freund
    Co-Founder & CFO
  • “I really appreciate the opportunity I got whilst participating in the Startup SAFARI! It gave me nice insights and lots of Information on the different kind of companies based in Cologne! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Good Job!”

    post bank
    Vanessa Dahm
    Projektmanager Innovationmanagement
  • “Excellent organisation of the Guided fintech SAFARI and dinner afterwards. Every participant (incl. myself) enjoyed the tour very much and got inspired a lot. The closed & exclusive setting that allowed us to network with the fintech movers & shakers during the evening was a special highlight.”

    Startup SAFARI Bootcamp
    David Furtwängler
    BNP Cardif
  • „In April of 2018 the SAFARI Team organized for us the workshop “Vom MVP zum IPO”  in which we jointly developed good understanding of the phases and challenges young companies face during their different growth stages.Alltogether the workshop was very practice-oriented and built around our needs. Thanks to the expertise of the SAFARI team and their good connections into startup ecosystems our workshop offered great and exciting discussion amongst the participants.We are very much looking forward to future projects with SAFARI”

    Nicola Schehadat
    Human Resources – Talent Development
    Deutsche Börse
  • “We hosted a session for the management board of a global insurance company at our fintech hub. Aside from a great discussion on the day itself, we were able to start a strong partnership with the company and we are in ongoing discussions on several ways of collaboration.”

    Gerrit Glaß
    Business Development Manager
  • “The networking dinner after the guided Fintech SAFARI was a good meeting for business development, as everyone present was looking to explore potential collaboration opportunities.”

    Fabian Wesemann
    Co-Founder & Group CFO
Ben Peckruhn
Hi, I am Ben.
Any questions? Just contact me.