Our global Network Become a Partner of Startup SAFARI

Startup SAFARI is a global partnership model built on a unifying concept. Joining the SAFARI network allows its members to build viable connections in and outside their ecosystem and get to know relevant stakeholders.


The heart of SAFARI are our local partners that organize the SAFARI.
They are not only experienced in event organization but also have an incredibly strong network to local founders, investors and other key players in their city.


Startup SAFARI is constantly growing which makes it an agile and living product. New insights and learnings contribute to the constant evolvement of the SAFARI concept

Become a PARTNER

Startup SAFARI is unique events that draws a lot of attention to the given startup ecosystem and the city as a whole.

This allows companies to brand themselves in close proximity to the startup ecosystem.

Startup SAFARI involves all major startups in a city. They open their doors to show people how they work, what they do and why they are special.

Reach out to Lukas to deep dive and learn more about the possibilities.
Email: lukas@pirate.global

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