Lisa Short

Recognised as visionary and multi-dimensional thinker who builds, connects, catalyzes and enriches global communities, ecosystems and resources that deliver solutions to global challenges. Neoteric thinking, challenging the state of play, and disrupting the norm whilst embracing the rapidly advancing potential of frontier technology such as blockchain keeps Lisa at the forefront of pioneering positive change impacting the future of work, future of learning and tech for good. Big challenges require big solutions and never be afraid to deliver them is a mantra that drives Lisa forward. Coined as a “Superwoman of Blockchain” Lisa is regularly engaged as an advisor to government and industry; as an international speaker, and for convening and delivering the message that action, not talk is crucial for the global economic environment to deliver growth, improve business, develop scaleable, affordable education and advance frontier technology and women’s leadership. Current actions of change include a tokenized values based economics parity index; technology ecosystems to revolutionise the business of education and deliver scaleable affordable learning; leading the development of a global education community in blockchain, and founding and leading theMind Shifting Frontier TechEDAccelerator, a reverse accelerator that intersects mainstream businesses and their challenges with ‘go to market’ opportunities of early-stage blockchain & frontier technology start-ups. Lisa’s paradigm is change must be in a world,where we achieve the SustainabilityGoals and build our future together with international collaboration as one community, with parity across gender, age, education, innovation and global citizenship.