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With Startup SAFARI  and PIRATE we help building startup ecosystems and communities for 8+ years. Our main driver is passion for startups and entrepreneurship.

Together with PIRATE Summit, every year we bring together the tech startup scene from all over the world and build meaningful connections between startups, corporates and investors. 

One day before our main Event PIRATE Summit – Europe’s craziest tech event, we bring together the global community of startup ecosystem players and work on hands-on solutions for the most urgent startup ecosystem topics.


11:00 Opening
11:10 StartupCity Summit Bas Beekman – Startup Amsterdam,
11:20 5 key learnings about connectivity of startup ecosystems Igor Oliveira – Startup Heat map
11:30 Startup in Residence: How Startups innovate the Government from the inside Ger Baron – City Amsterdam
11:50 Stages for StartupCities, putting strategies into action Ruben Nieuwenhuis – Amsterdam Economic Board
12:10 Blockchain and Education Lisa Short – ZSCHOOL
12:30 Lunch
How can a city administration contribute to a (startup) ecosystem? Ingo Stefes – Office for Economic Development Düsseldorf
Startup Ecosystem Metrics 101 Igor Oliveira – Startup Heat map
The challenge of building an accelerator Sara Usinger – Hatch CoLab
How to bring Venture Capital to the city? Anna-Lena Kümpel – Digital Hub Cologne
Interlock globally galactically – Connect the Communities of this World Mortiz Erdt – wayra
Finding Unfair Ecosystem Advantages Kosta Kolev – Venture Builder
How can local networks drive innovation and how can your individual business benefit from it? Stefanie Gundel – #gruendermuetter
Peer Learning: Developing new states-of-the-art Salim Virani – Lean Camp / Source Institute
15:30 Conclusion and open discussion




The Movers & Shakers Summit builds around: Startup City Representative, Startup Ecosystem Experts and Community Experts.  The event has the primary goal to create action plans and milestones for explicit tasks that are relevant.

Best Practice Showcases

In a number of ignite-style talks experienced ecosystem experts from around the world will share their experience with a concrete project they were working on which moved their local scene forward. There will be a clear focus on: Impact, Process and Lessons Learned

Hands On Working Sessions

In small groups with a clearly defined topic, ecosystem experts, city representatives and community experts will work on a concrete action plan and milestones  about what it takes to successfully implement a specific project within the city context.

The Guidebook

PIRATE will collect the concrete action plans and provide the insights from this day in a booklet to all  ecosystem builders and city representatives.

By sharing attendee profiles we want to allow future projects to be successful and provide cities with the profiles of experts that can help them.

Who is it for? 

The attendees are 60-80 selected global players of the public and private sector who drive their local startup ecosystems.

Community Builders


Play a vital role in their ecosystem. Connect people and have great local network

City representatives


Work on concrete projects within their city to develop their ecosystem

Ecosystem experts


Have managed successful startup projects with proven track record


Movers & Shakers Summit is all about meaningful connections. We want to bring those together who actively shape their local ecosystems.
For this reason you cannot buy a ticket to Movers & Shakers Summit! It’s an Invitation- /Application only gathering.

To be notified when we launch the application process, sign up to our email updates.

Tell us your ideas! 

If you either have great initiatives/best practices for successful public initiatives that helped the local ecosystem or you want us to invite someone special who could benefit from attending the Movers & Shakers Summit, we are open for suggestions.

Movers&Shakers Summit was a super valuable experience. I meet other event organizers from around Europe and had many meaningful conversations. Thanks to Mover&Shakers I connected better with my fellow ecosystem builders and established relationships that will help us boost our global startup ecosystem.

Janet Todorova, Digitalk

For me it was one of the best events I ever attended as it allowed me to really connect and interact with people with a similar background. With its focus on quality over quantity it allowed for conversations that went far beyond the normal conference Small Talk. The workshop sessions touched topics deeply relevant to the participants which led to great discussions during and after the event.

Sara Usinger, Hatch CoLab

I really appreciate the community and space that you have created. I met some incredible people at the Movers&Shakers Summit. With most of them I have already exchanged ideas on upcoming projects and how we can help each other.

Kai Isand, Latitude59

The location and atmosphere were simply stunning. I cannot think of another event with such open exchange and strictly no-bullshit, no-vanity attitude of everyone involved. Bravo! I loved it and got a lot out of it for our future endeavors in developing our local startup ecosystem.

Florian Mann, Werk1

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